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In early January 2000, we flew home from a vacation in Belize and stumbled upon an article about Anguilla in the airline magazine.  Inspired by that, we booked our trip to Anguilla for December 2000.  It was amazing!  We wanted to see more islands so we spent a few years visiting other Caribbean Islands before travel crawled to a halt when our kids were born.  When the last was 2 months old, we decided it was time to get back out there.  Of the dozen islands that we’d visited, Anguilla had the most amazing beaches and felt like the best place to take our four young kids.  That was 2011 and our kids have practically grown up here.

We were casually looking for a villa when we saw Water’s Edge in 2016.  That view!  The landscape!  It was the perfect size for us, but we waited and kept looking.  Hurricane Irma was the push we needed.  In December 2017, we received an email from our realtor stating that the house had been damaged and that the owner was reducing the price. We were on a plane the very next day and under contract later that week.

In 2000, we came for the beaches.  But it was more than just the beaches that kept us coming back.  It always struck us how often people remembered us and graciously welcomed us back.  Anguilla quickly became a second home.  And there’s always the great cuisine, low-key vibe and fantastic beach bars!

We are originally from West Texas/Northern Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania.  We love boating, traveling, music, fishing, basketball, dogs & photography.

Charles & Anna, Alexandria, Virginia