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Beaches – They’re Why You Go to Anguilla

Anguilla first hit our radar after we read an article about their amazing beaches.  It was January 2000 and we were flying back from a vacation in Belize.  The article in the airline magazine was all we needed – we decided right then that we’d head to Anguilla for Christmas and New Year’s later that year.

We arrived late one night sometime in the last week of December.  When we woke up the next morning, beautiful Crocus Bay welcomed us. It was gorgeous and peaceful; not another person in sight.  As I recommend to all of our guests, we had rented a car and immediately headed out to explore. Today in Crocus Bay, you’ll be delighted with music, food and water sports during the day at Da’Vida Beach Bar. In the evening, head to their restaurant.  Crocus Bay is the main launching point for boat transportation to Little Bay where you’ll find some of the island’s best snorkeling.

The huge (and often empty) Rendezvous Bay

Our first stop that day was Rendezvous Bay, by The Anguilla Great House.  We love the calm waters here and the fantastic views of St. Martin. There are always little fish swimming around so it’s fantastic for kids.  Today we still love Rendezvous – there are enough places to eat and drink, but it has enough seclusion when we want that.  This is home to the Cuisinart Resort, Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve and several restaurants. In-season you’ll also have a handful of yachts at anchor in the bay.

Meads Bay looking east from Straw Hat.

Next stop was Meads Bay. In 2000, it was a quieter place.  We didn’t see many people, but a yellow lab named Tucker tagged along with us for a while.  Some days it’s super calm, other days it has dramatic waves.  Now that we have kids, Meads Bay is one of our top beaches to visit.  There are plenty of great food options, there are always other kids to play with and there are places for the kids to walk to.  Anchoring the two ends of the bay are the Malliouhana and Four Seasons. Between them you’ll find smaller accommodations and many restaurants.  This is also a very popular spot for mega yachts.

Sandy Ground viewed from above.

Sandy Ground is what we like to call the “Prettiest Port in the Caribbean!”  Because it is set between two hillsides, there is great scenery and most of all, perfectly flat water.  If you have small kids, this is the most consistently calm place for them to toddle into the water.  For the more adventurous, snorkeling, jumping off the dock or bar hopping are all here. This is also the main spot for water activities like SCUBA, tours to the islands, Tiger Boat rentals and fishing. 

Shoal Bay East is consistently one of the top-rated beaches in the Caribbean and cannot be missed.  Sink your feet into the deep white sands or just relax into your beach chair.  Shoal Bay is home to Zemi Beach Resort, The Manoah and many villas.  There are plenty of restaurants on the beach, just walk until you find one that speaks to you.  There is fantastic snorkeling out near the reef.

Finally, no trip to Anguilla is complete without experiencing the simply stunning beauty of Maundays Bay.  Each time, I have to pinch myself – is it really this beautiful?  Here you’ll find the gorgeous Cap Juluca Resort.

Looking over the bay towards Cap Juluca from their event pavilion.

These are just a few of Anguilla’s beaches.  What’s your favorite beach and why?